Top 5 Reasons To Ask Him Out

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It can be intimidating to ask someone out. You are afraid they will say no and you are left dismayed. If you don’t ask you will never know and you missed the opportunity to have a healthy and happy relationship with someone. Some people still believe that women should not be bold and ask a guy out. The men should do all the work and chase. Asking a guy out does not mean you are less of a woman. It means that you are confident and you are not afraid to express your feelings. Some men like when a girl is like this. They like to feel special too. If you are still wondering if you should ask him out? The answer is yes. I wish I did ask my crush out because I found out he liked me later and he was just too shy to approach me. Don’t let this be you.

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Reasons to ask him out

He could be the one

If you like him you should definitely give it a try. He could end up being the right person for you. I can testify about a young woman who approached the guy she liked in college and today they are in an amazing relationship. She described him as her soul mate. What if she didn’t approach him? It turns out that when she approached him he liked her as well. What they have is so beautiful and it is the epitome of the long lasting love everyone searches for. You will let a great guy walk away and missed out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.


You will not have any regrets

In life, we regret the chances we didn’t take. Asking a guy out is a huge step outside of your comfort zone. It will be scary but once you do it, you overcome your fears. If you have any other fears you can overcome them too. It will be a learning experience that you won’t regret even if he says no. You will quickly recover from developing a deep liking for someone who does not feel the same way. You can avoid one-sided love by being brave and asking a guy out. It could turn out to be your fairy tale but you gave up the opportunity by not asking him out. Be brave and just take the bold step.


He does not know you like him

You have been showing signs for the past months and he has not asked you out then something is wrong. He could be thinking that you are just friendly and the flirting signs are weak. Asking him out is the strongest signal that he cannot misread. He will know for sure that you like him because you asked him out. Men do find it difficult to tell if a woman likes them. Some men are shy and will never make the first move but that doesn’t mean he is not worth the effort. Sometimes once they get the idea that you are interested they will be confident and take the lead.


Choose your potential partner

You are limiting yourself to one class of men if you wait on somebody to ask you out. You have the option to choose who you date. Providing that he said yes you choose a partner of your taste and more than likely you will be happy with the decision you made. Sometimes when a guy approach you usually don’t like them. It didn’t come naturally, you just start liking when he probably did things to win your heart. The guy who you want to ask out naturally called your heart. You met him at the summer internship and gravitated toward him naturally. He did not attempt to win your heart yet you have an interest. It is a good idea to pursue things that you have an interest in. You can approach him without appearing desperate but confident and classy.


You will finally know if he likes

If he likes you he will accept your invitation and if not he will decline. You will not live in suspense any longer. If he likes you then you can start your love story. If he declines then you have nothing to lose. He wasn’t the right guy and you move on knowing you have tried. You will be disappointed but you will also be satisfied with getting the answer you were curious about. You can stop wondering if he likes you. The truth will be revealed when you make the bold move.


Wrapping up

Asking a guy out is not the norm when it comes to dating. However, a girl can make the first move if she is interested in dating a guy. It shows that she is confident and can take the lead. Men are impressed when a woman is brave enough to express how she feels about him. It will take a lot of pressure off him especially if he was considering it. It takes a lot of courage and he will admire you for it.


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