Top 5 Reasons To Know Your Competition

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Competition is the driving force for high-quality product and services. Businesses are forced to give their best in order to attract consumers or clients. You can learn a lot of business strategies when you know your competition and implement them. Knowing your competition is vital if you want your business to succeed. Competition analysis determines your competitor’s weakness and strength. You can use this knowledge to your advantage. Before you start any business you need to know your competitors. Competitions will always exist and it can either make or break you.

No matter what business you are involved in you will always have competition. A competition is any business that is similar to your business. They offer the same service and product even though yours may be unique. Consumers have the option to choose your competitor because they offer the same service. Your competitor can be direct or indirect. Indirect competitors will not sell the exact products but they can attract prospective clients. For example, Pizza hut is an indirect competitor located beside Burger king. Pizza hut doesn’t sell burgers but they sell food that consumers can eat. If there is a McDonald nearby then that would be a direct competitor.

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Why is competition important?

Competition is important because it encourages your business to grow. You are forced to be creative and continuously improve your business. Competition pushes you outside of your comfort zone and you are motivated to provide world class services to consumers. Competition is not only important for businesses, it is important for consumers as well. Consumers can benefit from competition. They will have a wide variety to choose from and get value for their money. Let us explore 5 reasons to know your competition.


5 Reasons to know your competition


Competitors encourages you to be better

In order to surpass your competitors, you have to know them. If you realized your competitors are attracting more clients and winning then you need to know why. How do you do that without getting to know them? You want to ensure that the customers will choose your brand over you competitors. In general, people will choose the best brand. The only way to retain loyal customers is to be the best in everything.

The truth is a business will not put in any efforts if there was no competition. If you are the only network service provider in the country then people would be forced to use your service. However, with competitors you no longer have control over the consumers and as a result you have to work hard to keep them. You become attractive by becoming better.


It helps you to stand out

Competition forces you to get creative and innovative. Information about your competitor will help you to differentiate yourself from them. If you find what they offer then you will try to see what you can offer that will be different. You will give consumers a good reason to choose you over your rival. If your competitors offer phones that can take pictures then you will create phones that take high-quality pictures. Your brand will be unique and special as a result of this feature.


You learn the weakness and strength

Studying your competitors help you to learn about strategies that you can utilize or avoid. If they have a good marketing campaign that helps them to retain loyal customers then you will be able to implement something similar. You learn information that will help your business to flourish. If you realize your competitors are weak in customer service and support. You can use that to your advantage and offer excellent customer service and support. Clients will gravitate towards your business when they can get what other competitors lack. If your competitors provide attractive loyalty schemes and you don’t. You are forced to improve that area and create something attractive for your loyal customers.


You know your prospective customers’ needs

Studying your competitors will give you information about prospective customers. You will learn why they are drawn to a particular company. If you find that customers are drawn to your competitors then you will learn about what your customers need. You can then make adjustments to your product or services. For example, if your customers prefer to shop at another grocery because it is cheaper then you know that they prefer cheaper goods. You will revise your strategy by reducing the prices of your items to accommodate customers needs.


You can gain clients

The best way to source clients is from your competitors. This can be advantageous when you know your competitors. You can find out where they attract consumers and market your product in the correct area.  If you want to start a similar business it will be easier to find the niche market. This will reduce failing to find individuals to support your business.


Wrapping up

Knowing your competitors can be beneficial to your business. You learn about consumers and strategies your competitors employed to remain successful. You also learn about their weakness in order to avoid mistakes. Your are also forced to be innovative and provide world class service or product for your customers.






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