Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Website

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Why should I have a personal website?

Personal websites can function as an exceptional marketing strategy and your resume. You can tell your stories to millions of people across the globe. It can open the doors to many opportunities as potential employers can gain access to your personal website. You would be surprised by how many connections you can get just by having a personal website. Let us explore 5 top reasons you need a personal website.

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5  Top reasons why you need a personal website


Brand yourself

A resume does not allow you to be creative and express yourself well. It is very confined and you have a limit on how much you can say. A website can help you to give a visual resume of who you are and your talents. If you are a fashion stylist then you can show your skills on a personal website. People will see your work and trust your competence to perform if they are looking to hire you.


Build your network

Building your network is very important. It helps you to connect with people who have the same interest and sometimes lead to getting employment opportunities. You can connect with people all over the globe. It is also easier for potential employers to find you. The website domain is unique. Instead of leaving your social media details, you can use your website. It is highly unlikely people will share the same name and making it difficult to find you. Make sure to leave your contact information on the website.



Stand out from the rest

Everybody uses social media such as Facebook to market their brand. Building a personal website show that you are innovative and forward thinking. You will impress your audience more in comparison to those who use the normal social media applications. It shows that you are hard working and dedicated to seeking opportunities.


Develop your career

Owning a personal website does not only attract potential employers but attracting clients as well. If you have established a career then you can develop your career using a personal website. How ? It is simple. If you are a lawyer you website can display testimonials from previous  clients and successful stories. Clients will trust your expertise and request your service.


Generate alternative income

Creating a website call allow you make some cash. You can get incentives from advertisements depending on how much traffic you can generate. The higher your website traffic, then the more chances you have of earning extra cash. The ultimate goal of a personal website should not be about making money but as you market yourself you can earn some extra cash.


Wrapping it up

I hope you are motivated to create a personal website and if you have one continue to improve it. Personal websites are your resume. It can attract employers or clients and market your brand.



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