Top 7 Reasons To Volunteer

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Volunteering is one way to make a difference in the world. There are many reasons to volunteer. These include learning new skills, developing your career, and helping those who are in need. You can volunteer in your local community or abroad. Some of the activities you may do as a volunteer includes cleaning the beach, feeding the homeless, helping children and administrative tasks. As a volunteer, you do not get paid for your service. It is done with generosity.

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Why is community service important?

Community service is important because service rendered by volunteers will bring about positive changes in the community. Sometimes there are needs to be met and without volunteers, these needs cannot be fulfilled. You help people who need your service and will appreciate it. Community service is not only beneficial to the community, it is beneficial to the volunteers as well. It provides opportunities for career growth and personal development.

Top reasons to volunteer

Time is spent wisely

Instead of being lazy at home why not use your time to volunteer? You will feel valued when you are using your time to help someone. Volunteer when you have plenty time on your hand. During the summer you can spend some time doing community service. If you are fresh out of college and job hunting. You can volunteer until you find a job. It keeps you active and prevents you from lapsing into boredom or illegal activities.


You will be a part of a group

Being a part of a group gives you a sense of belonging. There are organizations you can join and do voluntary work. Do some research on clubs and organization in your area and become a member. You will meet people and form friendships through shared activities. You can build your social skills when you interact with other volunteers.


It brings joy

You will experience joy when you help others. Volunteers have expressed how much they enjoy serving people because it makes them happy. The heartfelt “thank you” from those they help is an incredible feeling they experience. Volunteers bring joy to the lives of others and this keeps volunteers happy. If you like to make people happy then you should consider volunteering.


Add value to your resume

Resumes with voluntary experiences tell employees something about your character. It shows that you are compassionate and caring. It also shows that you are interested in the job you applied for. If you applied for a teaching post and you have spent some time volunteering at schools, you will be considered for the job. Volunteering shows that you are passionate about your career. You can even get strong recommendations from the school where you performed your service.


Expand your network

When you volunteer you meet people from different organizations and around the globe. You can get the contact from people and keep in touch. You never know when an opportunity will arise and you may need these people. If you need a speaker for an event you are coordinating, you can find someone in your network. Don’t overlook volunteering because you are not getting paid for your service. The rewards are in other forms.


Learn new skills

You can learn new skills when you volunteer. Your tasks may require you to do new things. You may find yourself organizing events, teaching children or taking on a leadership role. Some volunteer opportunities provide training. You can build on skills that you have already. Volunteering is great for your personal development.


Contribute positively to society

Volunteering can boost the community socially and economically. If you spend your time to teach one child how to read then that child has the potential to be a great man or woman in the future. You help someone to be a better person with your time, energy and resources. You can inspire others with your spirit of volunteerism. Your labor will not go in vain. You are building the world you live in.


Wrapping up

Volunteering benefits everyone involved. The volunteer learns new skills, expand their network and their career opportunities.


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