Top Best 8 Office Christmas Party Ideas

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Throwing a Christmas party for your employees is an awesome way to give back and show them you appreciate their hard work and service. There are many activities that you can do when throwing a holiday party for your employees. It can be done annually at the office or at a nice restaurant. If you make this a tradition then employees will look forward to the company’s Christmas party every year. It is okay to celebrate and live! Let us look at some corporate Christmas party idea.

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Top 8 Office Christmas Party Ideas


Traditional Christmas office party

Decorating the office and throwing a Christmas party is one way to show your employees you value them. It will feel festive and different from regular work. You can place a large Christmas tree in the hall for co-workers to look at and even decorate themselves. What is a party without food? food can be prepared by a catering service. It may seem a little expensive but remember your employees are valuable. A Christmas treat annually in the office should not be a burden.


Costume Christmas party

Wearing jeans and a Christmas hat is a fun Christmas party that you can throw for your employees. There so many costumes that employees can wear. It would be fun and entertaining to see a supervisor in Santa Clause outfit at the party. You can cherish these memories by renting a photo booth rental. Taking pictures in the costume. To make it more fun then have a costume competition. The best Christmas costume wins a prize.


Gifts exchange and award ceremony

Everybody likes presents so giving gifts is a great way to end the calendar year at your company. You can use the secret Santa method where each co-worker will pick a name and buy an inexpensive gift for the person. It is a great way to get in the holiday spirit and encourage your employees to give.  You can use the company Christmas party to recognize the hard work of all your dedicated employees. You can have an award ceremony and then celebrate with everyone.


Plan a concert

A concert is always fun. You can divide your employees into a group and ask each group to perform for the concert. It can be very entertaining and expose other talents that your employees have. They can act a popular play, sing, and dance. To make it fun co-workers can imitate other co-workers and the audience guess who is it? Winners can get a gift for the correct answer. You can invite a popular artist and magician to participate in the concert.


Outdoor event

A Christmas party does not have to be inside the office with decorations and a Christmas tree. An outdoor Christmas party is just as entertaining. An outdoor event is ideal to celebrate the Christmas season. Make use of the snow and have a celebration. Make a huge snowman as a team can be entertaining. You can go skiing on the mountain and hopefully get into a snowball fight.


Restaurant reservation

During the Christmas season, restaurants will give group discounts. A corporate Christmas party can be held at a nice restaurant. It will be a nice get away from the walls of the office. The food would be amazing and your employees will appreciate the effort. Search for some popular restaurants and reserve it for the Christmas party. You can incorporate games for entertainment. Games such as musical chairs, Chinese telephone, and truth or dare.


Happy holiday hour

After a long day of work sometimes your employees would just like to sip some wine and rest. You can have a short session for your employees to drink wine after work. However, keep it under control. You will have to ensure that the wine is light and nobody who drives is drinking. If the wine is not too safe then tropical cocktail will still be effective and you can stay away from alcoholic beverages.


Roof top party

A rooftop party is very popular in the corporate world. It can be a cocktail or sit down dinner. You can decorate the space according to the Christmas theme you like. Most offices have a roof that is built to accommodate these events. If your company does not have it then renting a venue is another option. However, if you are tight on budget then you can do it the office.


Wrapping Up

Office Christmas party is an event that can be meaningful to your employees. You can bring the Christmas festive into the workplace and show your employees you value them. There are many things that you can do such having a concert, making a reservation at a restaurant or even a party in the office is interesting.


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