Top Best DIY Christmas Gifts Everyone Will Love

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  1. Homemade Christmas gifts are special and meaningful. You don’t have to spend thousand of dollars on a Christmas gift. You can make simple Christmas DIY gifts that cost less. Your loved ones will appreciate the time and effort you put into their gifts. The best gifts are those that come straight from the heart. All gifts have meanings especially those you make. If you are creative this is a great way to show your skills. If you are not good at arts don’t worry. This article will explore simple DIY gifts.

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Best DIY Christmas gifts

Jewellery box

You need a plain wooden box. You can paint it in the colour you want or wrap it over with a fabric that you like it. This is the perfect gift for your girlfriends and daughter who likes to wear jewellery. This is a Christmas gift that will be useful throughout the person’s life.


Choker Chain

Choker chains are fashionable at the moment. You will need necklaces, plyers, pendants, and scissors. Remove the pendants and clasps from the chain. Wrap the chain around your neck to get an ideal measurement. Cut into the desired length then you add the clasp and the jump ring. Add the pendant of your choice in the middle. You can use stylish ribbon or whatever you like.

Handmade pillow

A handmade pillow is very easy to make. You buy a nice fabric and cut two pieces into equal squares. The fabric can be plain or design patterns. You can dye the fabric and then personalized with words. Then you sew three sides and stuff with sponges. Then sew the last side.

Phone cases

You need a plain phone case that you can get on Amazon for $3.00. You can wrap it with a paper or fabric that you like it. The next option is to paint it white and trace out designs on your case such as flowers. You can decorate it with permanent markers.

Coffee mug

You can customize a coffee mug and give to a coffee lover. You need a cheap plain mug, acetone, and marker. Place acetone on a cotton and clean the area you want to put your design.  Draw a simple design that you want. After you are finished you can place in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  Let it cool and your design should be permanent.

Photo gift

Over the year you create memories with your friends and family. During the Christmas, you can reflect on these and remember the year.  A memory lane gift is the best gift you can give someone. I am sure they will smile when they open their gifts.


Print the best photos you have with the person or want to use. You can place them in a clear jar or in a clear ornament. The photo ornament can be used on the Christmas tree in the future. You can glue the photos on a wood. They can hang it in their home as a souvenir.

Tie for Men

Finding gifts for men is hard. You can make a simple tie for your boyfriend, dad, grandfather, or uncle. A bow tie can be worn with formal outfits. You can make several bow ties with different colours. You fold the fabric in two and bring the middle together with a glue. Use another folded cloth and wrap it around the middle so it can have a nice finish.

Hidden money surprise

Everybody loves money. If you still can’t figure out what to give your friend then just gift them money as a gift. You can make it interesting by surprising them. You just need a container that represents Christmas. For example, a Santa Claus plastic container. Fill the container with their favorite candies half way. Fold money and insert in a clean plastic bag and then placed in the container. Fill the container with the rest of the candy.


Wrapping up

These are some of the best Christmas gift ideas for everyone including you mum, dad, boyfriend, and girlfriend. Don’t use “lack of funds” as an excuse for not buying a Christmas gift. Create one and make everyone you love feel special. It is the season of giving.


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