Top Things To Do Before You’re Thirty

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Living for thirty decades is a great privilege. You want to ensure that you have all the wonderful experiences when you are young and vibrant. Even if you have not try all these things it is never too late. Things to do before you turn 30 should not be limited to just travel. It should include activities that allow you to gain experiences and wisdom. This article will look at some top things to do before turning 30.

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Things to do before you’re 30

Work at your dream job

If there is a company that you are passionate about then apply for a position there. If you want a specific job title then get qualified. It is not too late to change careers. Go back to school if you must and get certified so you stand a better chance at working in the field you are passionate about. Your life will be meaningful when you are doing what you love. Take the risk of being rejected and have a story to tell a youngster when they are in the same predicament. Your wisdom will help someone later in the future.



Visit countries while you are young is an awesome idea. You will have the best moments of your life touring the world by yourself or with friends. You will have experiences to share with your grandchildren when you are old. You can make friends all over the world. There are still good people in the world who make you feel comfortable during your trips. You learn new culture and customs which can be quite fascinating. People who travel are also happier and interesting.


Live in another country/city

Moving out of your parents’ house to live in another city is a sign of maturity. You will learn how to be independent and responsible. You will meet people and grow your network when you live in another city or country. Maybe you will like it or maybe you won’t. Life is about experiences get as much as possible.


Have your name on assets

Owning something before thirty is a great accomplishment. It could be a car, house or a land. Start saving for your dream house or car. They are great investments that you can use when you are ready to settle down or start a family. Do not work and only own clothes and shoes. You will wonder what you spend your life doing when you don’t have any assets.



Start investing as early as possible so you can have great returns. You may be working minimum wage but over time you can enjoy the life of luxury when you invest. Buy stocks into brands that you like. Take out life insurance and enjoy the benefits in the future. You should be financially secured when you are thirty. When you are young it is easy to start over if something does not work out. Get financial advice from those who have done it and learn from their mistake.


Create lasting friendship

Friendships are more valuable than assets. Use your time to sustain friendships that are valuable to you. You will need them couple years from now when your kids are off to college. Studies have shown that friendship that lasts for a decade will last forever. Spend quality time with your high school or college friends. Tell them you appreciate them and forgive them for wrongdoings.


Volunteer for a cause

Volunteering for a cause that you believe in will help you to contribute positively to society. Help people and give your service and time. Show love to others through volunteerism. It is a great feeling to bless others with resources such as your time. People will remember your kindness and proclaim it to those they know. Don’t you like when people have something good to say about you?


Read inspirational books

Reading inspirational books can help change your perspective on life. Inspirational books can change life and give you a positive mindset. You can learn lessons about life that can shape the way you think. There are principles that you can follow and apply to your life. If you don’t like reading you can listen to books on audio devices. You will be inspired and take charge of your life.


Learn how to prepare your favorite dish from scratch

Do you know how to make a dish you love? If not then try to learn how to make it. It will be fun at first attempt and you can prepare it anytime you want. In the future, this can be your specialty when you want to cook for your family. Preparing your favorite dish anytime will make you happy.


Start a fitness journey

Health is wealth. If you want to live longer then start taking care of yourself. Eat healthily and prevent lifestyle diseases. Go to the gym to keep your body strong and fit. When you are thirty people should be surprised. You can age in number but not physically it all depends on you. Take care of yourself.


Fall in love

Falling in love is a beautiful thing. Sometimes you get your heart broken and some people are lucky to find the person they are destined to be with. You won’t know unless you try. Whatever happens use it as a learning experience. You may face disappointments but you learn something from the heartbreak. Heartbreaks teach you what to do or not do in your next relationship.


Wrapping up

Live your life meaningfully by doing things you love. Take risks, fail, learn and grow. Make sure you are creating a future that will allow you to be financially secured. Travel and reward yourself for the hard work that you have done.




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