Wedding Tips: How To Plan Your Perfect Wedding

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You only have one chance to create the best wedding ever. The ideal dress, color scheme, romantic setting, pleasurable music has to be chosen carefully so you can have the perfect wedding. You only marry the love of your life once so make sure that it is indeed the best wedding. The official service and the wedding reception party must be organized and properly executed. If you need a wedding planner then you may get one. You cannot do it on your own. You can ask friends and family to help you with the wedding reception planning. Today, I am your wedding planner so let’s get started with helping you creating the perfect wedding.

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Top best wedding tips

Start planning early

In order to have the perfect wedding, you have to start planning early. You will get more things finalized and it will be less stressful for you in the end. Get help from the people you trust such as your friends, sister or mother in law. Make a list of all the things you need and check out the prices. This will give you an estimate for your wedding expenses.


Select a date

Selecting a date that is convenient for everyone. If you select the date from early you cannot be certain about the wedding conditions. Having a plan b is very important especially if you are planning an outdoor wedding. Prepare a shelter just in case so when it start to drizzle you and your guests will not panic because you are prepared for the unknown.


Wedding themes

Do you want a beach wedding or a garden wedding? After you select a wedding theme then it is easier to select a location. When choosing your theme think about things that you enjoy and try to incorporate them into your wedding. Themes should reflect on your décor at both the reception and the service. You can choose themes according to the season. For a winter theme wedding blue and silver is a great color scheme.


The venue

After you have selected your theme this should make choosing your venue easier. You can research and check out venues that will be suitable for your dream weddings. If you want to have a beach wedding there are many hotels that are perfectly designed for wedding receptions. You can get a good deal with catering service and elegant décor. A simple backyard wedding can bring your fairytale wedding to life. You can decorate the area according to your theme and taste. You can never go wrong with mother nature. If you are religious then a beautiful cathedral will be perfect for the service.



If you want an extravagant wedding then you have to save for it. Do not put yourself in debt and financial crisis after the wedding celebration is over. You can set up a bridal registry and save for the dream wedding you want to have. You should have an idea of all the expenses you have to pay for and establish how much you need to save. Try as much as possible to stick to your saving goals.


Make your guest list and stick to it

You cannot invite everyone you know to be apart of your special day especially if you do not have the budget for it. Write down the important people in your life from ascending to descending order. The people on top of your list should include immediate family members, best friends, and close friends. You can add the rest of the people you wish to add at the bottom. If you need to cut you guest list you cut from the bottom. If you decide to cater to 25 people then those who made the list should be invited.


Select the bridal party and groomsmen

In traditional weddings, you will select friends to be a part of the bridal and groomsmen party. Select any amount you want. You can also include a flower girl or none at all. You can be creative with how your party will march and make their entrance. The music can be slow or fast. The bride entrance has to be different from the bridal party. So you can change the music for the entrance of the bride.


Select the dress/Tuxedo

Selecting a wedding dress can be overwhelming. The correct outfit for you and your fiancé will depend on your style, body figure, and the wedding theme. If you are having a beach wedding you would want to wear something light. If you want a classy wedding you would select a dress that brings out the best features. For example, a lace dress with sleeves will do a great job if you want to focus on your upper body.  For men, the suit needs to be fitted and comfortable. The bride and bridegrooms can wear the dress and tuxedo that matches the color scheme



You don’t have to do a tradition dinner for your wedding reception. You can stray from the traditional style and do a cocktail reception. Serve delicious finger food that everyone will enjoy. You don’t want to serve something too heavy and leave your guest feeling too full. They need to participate in the activities such as dancing and catching the bouquet during the reception.


Use a good photographer

The only way to remember your special day 12 years from now is through your pictures. Investing in a good photographer is very important. Photographers will help you to capture all the special moments on that day. You can share it with people who were not able to attend. The photographer can also be your videographer as well.


The reception activities

The best part of any wedding session is the dance. The type of music played will depend on the couple personality and preference. The couple can do their dance as an official couple and then everyone can join the dance floor. Your guest will feel a part of the wedding on the dance floor as this is the only activity everyone can participate in. Select music that you know your audience will enjoy and rock the dance floor.


Hire a wedding planner

If you desire you can hire a wedding planner. They will make the process smoother for you. On your special day, your focus should be on the love of your life. Let your wedding planner do all the worrying and fix any problems that may occur on your special day. Choose someone who is responsible and trustworthy.

Wrapping up

Preparing for a wedding, not an easy task however with proper planning and budget you can pull off the best wedding ever. You can be creative and plan your wedding just the way you like it. Get help from family and friends who will give good feedback.


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